Ant and Dec & trademarking success beyond Saturday Night Takeaway

As a trademark firm, our interest in the story of Ant and Dec moving on from Saturday Night Takeaway to new projects, like Belta Box and Taste Mates, is particularly piqued by the strategic use of trademarking. Here’s our take:

Moving Beyond Entertainment to Strategic Intellectual Property Management

The transition of Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly from their long-standing show to exploring new ventures demonstrates a savvy approach to intellectual property (IP) management. By trademarking the names “Belta Box” and “Taste Mates,” Mitre Studios not only secures the branding for these projects across multiple platforms—including TV, radio, magazines, books, clothing, and online—but also capitalises on the enduring popularity of these well-loved figures.

Why Trademarking is Crucial in Show Business

In the entertainment industry, a trademark does more than protect a name; it lays the foundation for brand extension and cross-media exploitation. With these trademarks, Mitre Studios can ensure that the unique branding elements of Ant and Dec’s new ventures are safeguarded against unauthorized use, which is crucial in maintaining the commercial integrity and uniqueness of their projects.

The Implications of Trademarking for Business Strategy

The strategic move to file for trademarks well ahead of the launch of new projects is a testament to the importance of IP in business strategies today. By securing these rights, Mitre Studios not only protects its assets but also enhances its ability to negotiate partnerships and licensing deals, which are often lucrative avenues in the digital and media landscapes.

Engaging with the New Era of Digital Media Projects

The focus on projects like Belta Box and Taste Mates suggests a forward-thinking approach. As digital platforms continue to dominate the entertainment landscape, having a solid IP strategy ensures that these ventures can adapt and thrive in a competitive market.


As Ant and Dec chart a new course in their careers, their proactive approach to trademarking should serve as a model for others in the industry. At our firm, we recommend all content creators—whether in television, online, or print—to consider how integral an effective IP strategy is to the success and longevity of their projects and to take steps to protect their valuable IP rights.

We wish Ant, Dec, and Mitre Studios the best in their new endeavours and look forward to seeing how Belta Box and Taste Mates evolve as they leverage the power of trademarking to build new entertainment experiences.

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