Applying for a trademark

Trademark Eagle can take you through this process with just a few easy online steps. When you register your trade mark online with us, we ensure that your application is filed at the relevant registry. This will show the trademark exactly as it is to be registered. Your application will provide details of the goods and services to be protected, the name and address of who you want the trademark to be assigned to, and confirm that the statutory fees have been paid.

The diagram below shows how the trademark registration process works:


After the online trademark registration process is complete, it is then examined to ensure that it meets the demands of the Trade Marks Act, and a search is undertaken to identify any pre-existing trade marks of a similar nature. The Registrar then produces a report identifying any deficiencies in the application and allowing one attempt to overcome earlier marks. The Registrar then advertises the application for two months in order to allow for opposition from third parties. When the application is advertised, the Examiner will notify owners of earlier similar or identical trademarks so that they have the opportunity to object to your application if they feel it is a problem to them. If there aren’t any objections after the trademark application has been advertised, then it will be registered for 10 years from the date of filing.

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