We have protected over 5,500 trademarks in the UK, EU and internationally.
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Trademark disputes

If somebody is using your registered trademark without your consent, taking early action to prevent damage to your business is essential.

Trademark monitoring service

Our trademark name watching service will keep you informed of applicants attempting to register highly similar or identical trademarks to your own, on a national or international basis.

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Search toolkit

Before you proceed with filing an application to register a trademark it is important to be aware of what you need to do to ensure that your application has the best chance of succeeding.

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UK Registration

From £265
excl. VAT and government fees

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EU Registration

from £549
excl. VAT and government fees

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from £999
excl. VAT and government fees

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International Registration

What we include with each trademark application to ensure you have the most effective brand protection

We conduct trademark searches of the relevant register and provide written advice and an online/virtual consultation before we file your trademark.

Not everything can be protected and we will let you know if your trademark would be accepted under the current law.

We draft the description of your products specifically for your business and we recommend classes, so you have a broad overview of associated goods and services that you might want to include for future proofing your business.

We manage your application for you in the Registry.

We send you your registration certificate with advice on how to protect your trademark after registration.

We keep in touch after your trademark is registered, notifying you of similar trademarks the Registry brings to our attention, so you can take action to prevent damage to your trademark.

We can help you protect your trademark anywhere in the world, using the different trademark systems most suited to your needs.

Contact us to discuss your trademarks.

With a 99% (+) success rate, our experienced team has extensive knowledge of protecting trademarks in the UK, EU and worldwide. We work with our clients to ensure their trademarks have the best chance of success and we are happy to discuss the best way of protecting your valuable brand and the reviews from our clients speak for themselves

Jeanette Wood, CEO

Trademarks in the Financial Sector

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