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There is a significant difference between registering a trademark logo and protecting a patent for a technical process/application. Both have great value to the business, but as IP expert Trevor Baylis advises entrepreneurs with limited funds, protecting the brand is by the far the best option.


Not only is the process cheaper, but it is also significantly quicker. While the average time for patent approval is just under two years, brand registration is typically completed within 6 months.

Many companies trademark their company name or product name, but there is also great value in ensuring that company logos, product designs and similar are equally protected.

A number of businesses are not able to protect their business name because it simply describes what they do, or is generic in its nature and therefore unsuitable for registration. However it is possible to register a business logo (either with or without the company name) which is unique to your business or charity, and as such affords the appropriate protection.

An Example

Sports Chaplaincy UK is a good example of a business whose name is descriptive but were able to protect their brand through trademark logo registration.

sports chaplaincy logoo

On the flipside, it is also important to be wary when creating a logo for your own business or product, ensuring that you are not infringing on any protected logos in existence.

If you need help on registering a logo, brand or product design please do not hesitate to contact Trademark Eagle on 01223 208 624.

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